“During Mastering we’re still talking about music, hey?”

What's eMastering?

eMastering is a high-end (analog) mastering studio based in the Netherlands – Europe. State of the art mastering equipment like Prism Sound, Maselec, Manley, Weiss, Thermionic Culture, Analoge Tube and Crookwood is all present and daily used during mastering @eMastering!

Why eMastering?

eMastering has fast turn around times for fair and competitive prices. Single masters can be done within 24-48 hours for only €60 euro excl. 21% V.A.T. per track. For more prices please send an email to or press here!

Rates 2019

Who's eMastering?

Erwin Maas, founder of eMastering works for 20 years as Mastering engineer in all kind of music styles. Starting in 1999 as mastering engineer for Sony Music Netherlands he started in 2003 his own company eMastering. He has worked (and works) for several major companies as Universal, EMI, Sony Music, PIAS, Topnotch.

eMastering on YouTube!

eMastering is recently asked for a mastering test between online mastering services and "the real deal". White sea studio made a nice video about companies which offers instant masteringservices . In the video different masters will be compared and related to the Ozone mastering plug-in and the master of eMastering!

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